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We translate different documents into English and Spanish. We meet every deadline using an excellent quality control process on every translation, to ensure the final document is faithful to the original.



At Espanglish, learning English is fun, enjoyable and entertaining. We create a relaxed environment for everyone. All the classes are online, learning from the comfort of your home. You can choose to study alone or as part of a group. The classes are prepared according to your needs.



These online translation workshops are available all year round! With these workshops you are going to improve your translation techniques. You are going to translate from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English in the areas of your choice. So, if you are studying, just got your degree or if you have been a translator for a long time, our workshops are an ideal practice for you!

We specialize in the following areas:



We can help your laboratory stand out from the rest through the translation of clinical trials, labels, package leaflets/inserts, pharmacological studies, pharmacovigilance documentation, web pages, and more.



We work with some travel agencies and hotels, translating web pages, brochures, advertising material, handbooks, articles in specialized magazines, guidebooks, reviews, among other things.



We translate menus, recipes, nutritional plans, web pages, gastronomic reviews, handbooks, pastry and cooking books, and everything you need to excel in the world of gastronomy.

We are
Espanglish Traducciones

We are a team of professional translators who have been working for more than 15 years, translating from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. We specialize in pharmacy, tourism and gastronomy. At Espanglish you will find professional high-quality translation services to boost your business.



BIOL, International Business.

We have been working with Micaela for several years now, and we always had an excellent experience and a fast response. She is very responsible and she always delivers the translations on time. We work with technical translations and we have never had a problem. We highly recommend Micaela.



I started working with Micaela a few years ago because a co-worker told me about her work. I am a dentist, and I needed to translate my web page. From then on, I worked with Micaela whenever I needed a translation. She is very responsible, and very polite. She is very reliable and always delivers on time. Now, I highly recommend Micaela.


International Chef.

Some years ago, I wanted to increase my online presence on the Internet so I called Micaela. I have a web page with blogs and recipes, everything related with cooking. In the near future I want to finish my cooking book and Micaela is the one who is going to translate it. We have been working together since day one. She is reliable, responsible, and always fulfilling all my requests. I truly recommend Micaela.


Marketing Coordinator. Pharmaceutical Industry.

We have been working for many years with Micaela and we continue betting on her professionalism and her good predisposition to work at all times. She is very kind with all the members of our company, always in a good mood, and always willing to answer every question we have. We work with scientific translations and she is always up to the task. Micaela is very hard working and we highly recommend her.


Activa, Co-creator.

I worked with Micaela for 10 years. I was the supervisor in her area. Above all, I appreciate her kindness, and predisposition to work. As a teacher, I have to highlight her commitment, and punctuality, and that she was always respectful of her students. We went through a lot of changes in the institute, and she adapted perfectly. Also, she was always willing to help me. It has been a real pleasure working with her.


Gestión Esencial.

Being a translator means helping people to communicate, and when this is done with the passion you work with, it's even better


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